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Dog Walking / Pet Sitting

Dog Walking & Dog Sitting... Needless to say, the importance of clarity about our expectations have become more and more important these days. At Dunes Pet Sitting, we believe in "an elevated level of care, beyond what is typical in the pet industry," and that means that we promote simplifying the system, so that you get more without the haggle.


While other businesses are busy defining the difference between Dog Walking & Dog Sitting so they can charge more for less, we're working continuously to find the best ways to give each pet the exact care they need. 

So, what is Dog Walking?

At Dunes Pet Sitting, our Dog Walking provides your dog with the extra mid-day attention that they're missing while you're busy at work. We help get some of that built-up energy out, provide them mid-day meals, allow them to releive themselves outdoors, and give them some well-deserved love!

OK, so then, what is Pet Sitting?

Let's be honest... If a business is willing to do just a little bit more, Dog Sitting is really just multiple instances of Dog Walking in a single day... but, with a slight twist. Dog Sitting is typically a reference to caring for your dog while you're out of town for a whole day or longer.

Let's return to the clarity that we mentioned in the first line of this... tail. Clarity is of the utmost importance these days; every pet's needs are different, so we create custom packages for each of them. So call, text, or head over to our Client menu today to design the custom package that's perfect for your pets.

Going for a Walk

25 Minute Visit


  • Walk, feeding, litter cleaning, medication, etc.

  • 1-2 pets, or a single high energy pet​

Female Dog Walker

40 Minute Visit


  • Walk, feeding, litter cleaning, medication, etc.

  • 2-4 pets, or 1-2 high energy pets

Female Dog Walker

55 Minute Visit


  • Walk, feeding, litter cleaning, medication, etc.

  • Extended care for your pets and extra exercise for those with higher energy

Extended Care

Are you traveling and want your best friend to have a companion while you're away? This service might be just right for you.


Our "Extended Care" services are designed to ensure someone is with your pet for even greater lengths of time. Here's our friendly and professional disclaimer... Our 8-hour daytime service assigns one of our staff to care for your pets for an 8-hour span, but they may step-out for 45-90 minutes mid-shift to grab some refreshments.

Naturally, all of our Pet Sitting services are included: Walks, meals, litter cleaning, medication administration, extended care and exercise for high energy pets, love, and companionship.

As you can imagine, with a small team, the availability of these services goes very quickly, so please book them well in advance.

Female Dog Walker

8 hours overnight

Going for a Walk

8 hours DayTime 

Female Dog Walker

"While You're Away"

One Overnight +
two-4 Hour visits
each day

1 Day, $225 each

2 Days, $200 Each

3+ Days, $175 Each

Cat Sitting

Let's be honest, most cats don't need a lot while their owners are away for a few hours each day. However, cats definitely do best in their own home while you're traveling; our visits will help ensure their comfort, safety, health, and nourishment while you're away.


Our 15 minute visit is best for a single cat; please choose our 25 minute service for multiple cats.


15 Minute Visit


25 Minute Visit

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