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Dog Walking

Daily exercise is one of the pillars of health, and our dogs need it just as much as we do. When you really think about it, our pets get a lot from their daily walks: exercise, potty breaks, fresh air, socialization, access to different sounds and smells, etc... Honestly, there is a lot happening during each walk, and it brings us great joy to help your pets gain access to these physical and mental health benefits.


If your pet will be alone for several hours, and you'd like to give them a break before you return, booking a Dog Walker may be a great fit for your pet.

Pet Sitting

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Pet Sitting includes everything described in our Dog Walking service, but adds tasks beneficial to your pets if you're going to be out of town for an extended period of time.

Wether you'll be gone for 8 hours or 8 weeks... things like feeding meals, medication administration, extended playtime, brushing their coats, and more may be needed.

If your situation involves us providing services like these, booking a Pet Sitter may be a great fit for you.

Extended Care

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Are you traveling and want your best friend to have a companion while you're away? This service might be just right for you.


Our "Extended Care" services are designed to ensure someone is with your pet for even greater lengths of time. Here's our friendly and professional disclaimer... Our 8-hour daytime service assigns one of our team members to care for your pets for an 8-hour span, but they may step-out for 30-60 minutes mid-visit to grab some refreshments.

Naturally, all of our Pet Sitting services are included: walks, meals, litter cleaning, oral and topical medication administration, extended exercise for high energy pets, love, and companionship.​

As you can imagine, with a small team, the availability of these services can go very quickly, so please book them well in advance.

Custom Packages

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At Dunes Pet Sitting, we believe that the best package for you is the one that YOU need, not the one that we built for Susie (no offense, Susie, we love you).

So instead of crunching data to design seven different packages that cover 97% of the situations that arise, and telling you that your pets fit into one of those packages pretty well... we'd rather build a custom package that perfectly fits YOUR pets' needs.

Custom packages for every pet, every time.

We love cats too!


Let's be honest, cats definitely do best in their own home, and they can typically handle themselves when left alone for few hours.


However, if you're traveling, or unable to perform the necessary daily tasks for your cats, our visits will help ensure their comfort, safety, health, and nourishment.

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