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Myrtle Beach

* We are currently accepting new clients from 29th Ave N to Grande Dunes Blvd in Myrtle Beach.

The Best Care For Your Pets

Dog in a Raincoat


Midday exercise and/or potty breaks for your dog

At DPS we ensure every dog walk includes:

  • Thorough pet safety practices

  • Physical health benefits from daily exercise

  • Mental health benefits from stimulation

  • Positive reinforcement with every walk

  • Text and photo updates


Expert care for your pets while you’re away

At DPS our pet sitting service includes:

  • Pet care: Walking, feeding, medication administration, coat care, etc

  • Comfort and assurance: We follow their usual routine

  • Companionship: Playing, petting, lap time, etc

  • Safety: Checking the pets’ environment and maintaining your home’s security

  • Text and photo updates

Our pet sitting service is very flexible, and has options for any situation. Examples:

  • Multiple quick visits each day (recommendation: 3-4 for dogs, 1-2 for cats).

  • 2-10 hours of one-on-one pet care in your home.

  • An 8 hour overnight stay plus a quick visit, midday.

  • 24+ hours of one-on-one pet care in your home.

dogs in robes
Curious Cat


Let's be honest, cats definitely do best in their own home

Caring for cats is a unique process; we ensure your cats get the best care possible!

  • Comfort means something different to cats than it does to other animals. Sticking to their typical routine is essential to their wellbeing.

  • Cleaning and refilling their food and water bowls each visit.

  • Scooping and topping-off their litter box each visit.

  • Text and photo updates

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